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Oh dear.

Kaede's been writing lemons again. ^^;

Title: Emerald and Ruby
Fandom: Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~
Pairing: Kouryou (KousukexRyouko)
Warnings: Not very graphic, but lemony. Pretty much a PWP ^^;

This thing took me a damned month to write. >>;; And it ended up in the Recycle Bin several times, only to be rescued by my overwhelming boredom. But finally it's finished, so here ya go... Unedited as of yet, so if you spot mistakes, let me know.

Will this be going on Probably not. :3

As long as I've known Kousuke, I've never been able to look into his eyes without thinking the same thing.

Emeralds. They remind me of emeralds. Beautiful, polished green gems, shining in the dark, making everything around them look dull in comparison. His eyes seem to have that effect. They're the only thing I can notice about him sometimes, the features that draw the most attention.

They're also what let me understand him. I can see into his eyes and comprehend what he's feeling...the words he's not speaking...

The actions he's not taking.

The emeralds are full of desire right now.

"Ryouko..." His voice is lowered to a whisper. Something tells me he's unsure, hesitant. His lips remain close to mine, close enough so that we just barely kiss when he speaks. "You know what will happen...if we..."

I swallow, feeling the muscles in his back tight beneath my hands. The bed creaks slightly beneath me as he kisses me, hard, passionately. He wants me. He doesn't even have to say it. All this time we've gone without speaking the words we've been thinking, but yet we still know what we both want: each other. That's why I'm here now. That's why we're alone in the house, in my room, together on my bed. That's why I let him push me down, gently, and why I let him lay there on top of me, his body pressed to mine, his lips claiming mine with his own.

That's why I want him to do this.

"I don't want you to stop." I feel his fingertips against my stomach, straying from my waist, venturing beneath my shirt. I shiver. "Not anymore..."

He takes a breath. "You'll lose your-"

"I know." I cut him off, looking away. Silence. "I know," I repeat, softly. "I realize that.'s you...the only person I want to be with."

"Are you sure...?"

"Of course I'm sure." I sigh. "Don't make this difficult, Kousuke...I'm not the only one losing something..."

"It's a little different with me." He kisses me softly, making my skin prickle. "I've thought about it...wanted to have you..."

"Hentai." I roll my eyes. "I didn't need to know that."

"You expected me not to think about you like this?" He lowers his lips to my stomach. "I couldn't do it before...ask you for this...even if I knew you wanted it..." I can feel him smile between kisses. "You're too easy to read..."

I close my eyes. "Now's the right time, ne..."

"If you want it to be." He sits up and I hear the small clink of metal against the wood of my nightstand. His glasses. A few seconds later his lips touch mine, softly, one of his hands beneath my shirt again, fingertips stroking my stomach. He's sitting beside me now, just leaning over to do this. I can almost feel his eyes, burning like emeralds, watching me as his touch ventures further upwards. His fingers trace the edges of my bra, carefully brushing again my skin, preparing me for more. "I want you to be mine, Ryouko," I hear him murmur, his breath against my ear. "Only mine..."

"I'm not going anywhere." I open my eyes and let them wander over his face. His serious expression is still betrayed by the gentle touch I'm feeling now. "Just don't make me wait..."

"How could I do that to you?" He kisses me again, parting my lips with a slight nudge of his tongue. I lean into him, allowing myself a soft, supressed moan as he runs his fingers over my chest. There's only a thin layer of fabric between his skin and mine, and I immediately want more. His free hand moves up to rest against my cheek as he moves again, pinning me back against the bed for the second time. Slowly, steadily, my hands slide up his back, beneath his shirt, tracing his strong muscles with my fingertips. His breath is shaky suddenly, my touch creating feelings within him that I know must be similar to mine. "Get rid of this," he whispers, tugging at the end of my shirt. "Right now..."

"Only if you get rid of y-" I stop mid-sentence, watching him take off his shirt. Heat creeps up into my cheeks and I look away, a little surprised. I had thought he was handsome, but right now, he was far beyond that, something positively attractive... I reach down with trembling hands, grasping for the edges of my own shirt, but his hands cover mine and I stop. He kisses me, with just the right amount of pressure and gentleness, letting my body relax beneath his. Without another moment of hesitation he lifts my shirt, taking it above my head and allowing it to drop to the floor beside his. There. He smiles and kisses me again, lightly nibbling on my bottom lip as he moves away. "Now what are you doing?" I ask, trying hard not to tremble so much and failing- I'm still nervous.

He places a soft kiss on my collarbone. "I'm not sure yet."

"Then wh-" His lips meet the very beginning of the curve that leads to one of my breasts and I stop mid-sentence, laying still. His kisses are soft, but they always carry so much passion behind them... Right now is no different. I can feel every little movement, every single brush of his lips, and it gives me chills. My eyes close as he moves, slowly, hands slipping around to my back. I feel a slight release in pressure and realize he's unhooked my bra. He pauses, lifting his head so his eyes meet mine as they snap open. "You move quickly," I murmur, swallowing. "God, Kousuke..."

"Too quickly?" One of his hands moves to the back of my neck, lifting my head up just slightly for a long, unbreaking kiss. His other hand slips around front again, pulling away the material which covers my chest. Cool air meets my skin and I shiver, waiting. I know what he's going to do, and I can't help but want it so badly... He whispers against my skin, tossing the extra piece of clothing aside, eyes on mine, serious and patient. "I don't want this to be a mistake."

"It can't be." I close my eyes, taking an abrupt breath as his lips move to touch the edge of my breast. "Just don't stop...even if..."

"Don't finish that sentence." He moves, covering my skin with his mouth, running his tongue lightly along the surface. I close my eyes tight again, holding back a cry, loving the feeling more than words could explain. And I wasn't alone- he was also enjoying this, chuckling now, using one of his hands to stroke my bare skin. He liked to see me like this, struggling to hold back. His kisses get harder now, and I finally release a moan, feeling my entire body grow warm. He's taunting me with kisses, abandoning softness, finding pleasure in my own. "Will you let me in this time, Ryouko?" he asks, voice deep. "This time when we're both ready..."

I cry out again, feeling his hands slip down to rest between my thighs. Want overwhelms commmon sense and I lean up to kiss his lips, my bare chest against his. My arms circle around his waist and I find myself tugging his pants away from his hips, needing them off. His tongue fights with mine, and I know he's working on my skirt, but right now, I can't stop. I want more. More of him, and of the emotions I've always fought back. I need him- need US to do this. There's nothing more beyond this goal, and if I can't have it...

He rids me of my skirt and then helps me with his pants, tossing them absentmindedly to the floor before pinning me back to the bed again. We kiss, fingertips wandering, stroking, heat rising between our bodies. All of this is quick, virtually unplanned, but I can't stop. After waiting for so long, there is nothing to stop for. We've gone this far, slowly, almost frightened of our attraction, but now when we finally have decided to go further than ever... The goal has to be reached. I curve my body against his, feeling the strong press of his erection from beneath the thin material of his boxers, loving the way we remain seperated only by one piece of clothing each. I want him in. Not just close...but there. Finally.


"Do it." I close my eyes, feeling his weight against my arms, keeping me from moving. "Right now...don't take another moment..."

He places a soft kiss against my neck and shifts slightly, finishing what he's started. After a long moment, during which I can barely feel a thing, his fingertips brush against my stomach and his lips find mine. Now here we are, both completely exposed, laying together with desire overpowering us. Skin meets skin, lips meet lips, and the experience begins here. All that's left is to bring us together completely.

Steadily, as if he's sure of what he's doing, Kousuke places me back against the pillows, pushing apart my legs. My eyes take in all of his body as he leans close, caressing my cheek. "Ready?" he breathes, the question so quiet I can barely hear. "There's no turning back once we..."

"No turning back..." I place my hands lightly against his shoulders- despite the calmness he's attempting to show, the muscles are tense, and his emerald eyes shine with worry amid raging emotions. "We don't need to turn back...we're this there is no choice but to go the whole way..."

"Hold your breath."

"Mm..." My body tenses as I breathe in and wait, anticipating, ignoring my fear. Seconds pass, my eyes closed- I can't watch. The moment would drive me up a wall if I were to watch him carry it out. The final split second of silence is broken as he finally makes his movement. There's no way to stop the cry that escapes me, and I lay there, stunned- finally broken.

"...Ryouko..." He places a small kiss on my forehead, prompting me to open my eyes. He's there- in front of me, within me...both at the same time. It takes a second before I realize there are tears running down my cheeks. There's a little pain, something I only notice now. How did just that take away all of my senses? Was it really that... I gaze up at Kousuke and he shakes his head, wiping away the wetness gathering on my cheeks. "That was too much. I'm sorry."

I slip my arms around his neck, pulling him close, just to feel him against me. "It's always too much the first time..."

He smiles a little- concerned, obviously, and takes me into his arms. This is all we need right now, a simple satisfaction. It isn't taking from my need to be with him, either- it's making me want more. It's making me want to recover so we can finally be together... I catch my breath, lightly kissing the strong curve of his neck. "I'm ready," I murmur, loving the feel of his body against mine. He's so warm, and there's a certain softness to his skin that I never expected. I've fallen asleep in his arms so many times before, but never once feeling like this. This is more than that...better than that.

"Are you really...?" He shifts to a half-sitting position, taking me along with him so that I am now in his lap, still connected. I can feel him now, inside of me, and even that simple movement gives me chills. "If it still hurts..."

"It doesn't." I place a kiss against his temple, pausing as he nudges me away and then catches my lips with his own. His hands rest against my waist, gently, prompting me to lean closer, waiting for more. He breaks the kiss and looks up at me, giving me a moment to see into his eyes. The concern is gone, leaving only his overpowering desire to claim me as his. And that's what I want. To become his. "Don't wait any more, Kousuke," I breathe. "Please don't..."

He leans back just a little more, making it clear that I'm the one on top, closing his eyes as I carefully wrap my legs around his waist. They're small movements, but they're affecting both of us. Before I can do anything more he pushes himself up slightly, going deeper into me, and I have to gasp to catch my breath. There's almost amusement on his face as he opens one eye to look at me. "Your turn," he tells me, his body relaxing slightly.

There's nothing else I want more than this. Without hesitating at all I move my hips, quickly, the movement having the same effect as his. I can feel him there, going deeper at that moment, taking my breath away. Neither of us have to speak now- we begin moving together, faster, pressing against each other, creating friction. It doesn't take much to make me realize how much is happening. My skin feels hot suddenly, my heart racing as I move against him, faster, bringing him further each time. He makes movements of his own, small ones, but is really letting me do all the work, grinning as we move. "You're good at this, Ryouko," he forces out, moving his hands to rest against my thighs. "I always thought you would be."

"Stop joking..." I force myself to take one hard movement, and we both moan, feeling it at the same time. He takes a breath and does the same, beginning another steady pattern, this one all his doing. Overwhelmed, I wrap my arms around his neck and lean as close as possible. His next thrust catches me completely off guard, and I nip at his ear, trying to hold back a moan. He seems to find amusement in this and, without warning, pushes me onto my back, overpowering me completely. Before I can say a word he brings himself into my body as fast as possible, repeatedly. My heart races and I cry out, digging my fingernails into his back, the heat intensifying. "Kousuke..." I moan, unable to control myself now. "God..."

He reaches up and takes my hands, quickly pinning them above my head as he stops to breathe. We lie eye-to-eye, close to losing it all, gasping for air. He's dominating me completely now, but I could care less. His lips brush mine before he lifts himself just slightly and begins again. I bring apart my legs as far as possible, closing my eyes, choking back noises each time he brings himself to the very inside of my body. It feels like fire through my veins, and I realize I'm trembling, almost at a final point. He feels it too- his fingers intertwine with mine and we clasp hands as tightly as possible, moving faster. Soon... I can tell... Soon...

"Ryouko..." His voice is strained. "Right now..."

I let him take one more thrust into me before I release everything I've been holding back, and at that moment, I find nothing else to do but scream.

It takes me only a few seconds to realize he's screaming too.

Seconds pass, and suddenly we're both silent. Exhausted, too. I hold my breath for a moment, trying to feel something, anything- and the numbness dissappears, and I know we both made it. It's almost pleasant... I open my eyes, slowly, and see him gazing down at me, smiling slightly. "Baka," we chorus, and I laugh. We know each other too well.

"You screamed, you know."

"So did you..." I tug on his bottom lip with my teeth, playfully. "We're even, wouldn't you say?"

"Mm." He releases a sigh, almost relieved, and allows my hands to fall away from his. I lie completely still as he shifts, slowly bringing himself apart from me. Finally he's out, and I watch, slightly amused, as he drops to lay beside me. "That was different..." he remarks.

"Different?" I curl up close to him, still wanting to feel his skin against mine. "Not incredible, or mind-blowing? ...or knowing you, exactly what you expected?"

"I'm not exactly sure that there's a word for it." He reaches down and pulls a sheet up over us, then slips his arms around my waist. "But I liked it."

I kiss the bottom of his chin, smiling up at him. "That makes two of us."

"You know..." He suddenly gazes down at me, pulling me closer. "There's something about your eyes, Ryouko...I can always tell what you're much you want something..."

"Is that so..."

"They're like rubies." He places a soft kiss against my lips. "Don't you think?"

"If you say so, Kousuke." I tuck my head beneath his chin, secretly pleased. "Emerald and ruby..." I murmur. "I like the sound of that..."


"Nothing." I close my eyes, smiling. If perfection is a possibility in life, I think I've reached it now. And with Kousuke...

With Kousuke, the rubies have their emeralds, and everything- especially love- shines through the darkness.

I don't know if I like the ending, but it's the first thing that popped into my head, so I kept it. Heh. ^^;;
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