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To kickstart everything. Clyan. :3

Easter Bunny
OR :: The never-ending tale of Ryan Seacrest's Strange Wardrobe.

Author: Micchi/Kihana/Krissifer
Fandom: American Idol 2
Pairing: Clay Aiken / Ryan Seacrest (Clyan. :3)
Warnings: Slash, fluff, pointlessness in a bottle.
Summary: *Ryan tries on a new outfit for Clay*
Spoilers: ...Honestly. How many spoilers can there be?!
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
Archiving: Free Your Soul, Priest of Nothing, IdolSlash. Everyone else, contact: AIM-Hardened Roses;
Notes: Inspired by a chat session once upon a time in LJ Clay Aiken Fans. And it seems like just the thing Ryan would do, too. Early/late for Easter, I know. But oh well. And it ends kinda abrutly. But. P'shaw.

He sat on the bed quietly, green eyes fixed intently upon the laptop screen before him. The night had fallen quickly, and he sat there in flannel pajamas, his contacts out and soaking in the clear solution bedside. He wore his glasses, thin, silver-wired-framed things. They managed to enhance and yet undermine the verdant orbs, granting them a mysterious, mischevious sparkle. A smile spread over his lips, illuminated by the glow of the screen, and his fingers flew over the keys in response.

The moment he pressed the enter key, sending whatever message it was he sent, he heard the muffled rapping at the door of the tiny apartment. One eyebrow lifted in confusion, and he stretched his legs over the side of the bed. Stiffling a yawn, and stuffing his feet into fuzzy warm bedroom slippers, he padded through the bedroom, across the tiny livingroom, and opened the door without bothering to peer through the peephole first.

That was his mistake.

He was instantly tackled by a mass of fluffy, fuzzy white fur. His back connected with the ground faster than he had expected, and for a moment, he forgot to breathe. When the knowledge finally rushed back to him, he opened his eyes, which had snapped shut on impact.

On his chest sat the largest white bunny he had ever seen, complete with a light yellow basket full of fake green grass and pastel-colored eggs. The rabbit even had a pink bow-tie around its neck, and droopy ears that tickled his neck lightly.

Looking closer, he saw it wasn't a real rabbit. There was a man's face peering out from under one of the floppy ears, grinning devilishly, blonde highlights offsetting the entire outfit. With a groan, he pushed the rabbit-man off of him.

"Ry~a~n," he whined, sitting up and re-adjusting his glasses gently. The bunny grinned, flipping its ears over its back.

"You're such a baby, Clay," he murmured, setting the basket down on the floor beside him. Clay shot him a glare, and stuck his tongue out.

"You're the one in the rabbit suit."

Ryan laughed, and hopped -- actually hopped -- over towards the attacked man.

"Don't stick that tongue out at me unless you plan on using it," he mock-lectured, waving a elicting a grin from the boy.

"Oh, I plan on using it, alright. I plan on using it really good."

"Really well, Clay. Didn't we go over this?"

Clay pouted lightly, slapping the rabbit upside the head gently.

"Grammar Nazi," he murmured, nuzzling his face between the ears.

"Happy Easter, Aiken," the elder whispered, and before there could be a reply, their lips met.

And what an Easter it was.


:3 That is all.

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