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Title: Rubber Ducky
Series: Weiß Kreuz
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yohji x Aya
Warnings: Lemon, PWP, Yaoi...
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own them.. but I have claims to Kudoh! in Anime Harem...
Notes: Dedicated to Ka-chan, since I lost a bet.
Summary: Yohji... Aya... Bathtub.
Archived: To be on my site and it already is on


The first thing he noticed when he woke up was the lack of another warm body in bed beside him. The second was the time. It was after noon, no wonder his obsessive compulsive lover was missing. Yohji Kudoh wouldn’t be caught dead out of bed before noon on a Sunday. He’d been trying to teach Aya that for awhile and the red head seemed to be learning well but not today.

Sighing, the lanky blonde got up and stretched. He grabbed a pack of cigarettes then a pair of jeans. Priorities in order, he headed down stairs to see what was going on. Maybe Omi was making lunch? Or at least he’d have Ken to tease until his lover made himself sociable.

The living room was empty. The kitchen was the same way except for the note tacked to the refrigerator.

Went to soccer game and movies with Ken. Be back late. Oh, dropped Aya-chan at Umiko’s house for sleep over.
Don’t wait up

So Yohji was a little forgetful. He scratched the back of his head, trying to remember the plans everyone said they had yesterday. Yes, Omi and Ken had said something. He had been very grateful when Aya-chan has said she was spending the night somewhere else. Aya. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember Aya saying anything.

The blonde pulled open the fridge door and inspected the contents. There. Omi had wrapped up the leftovers from the Chinese they had had last night. “Thank you chibi,” he mumbled as he grabbed the carton and set about reheating it.

The Chinese food wasn’t bad. At least it was food. There had been a point when Yohji has basically lived off alcohol. That had changed and he vowed never to go back to that. Now, if he could only get the chibi to quit throwing away his cigarettes. He could have sworn that he hid his last pack in places Omi wouldn’t dare to look but sure enough, the cigarettes were gone when he checked yesterday.

He put the bowl in the sink. Aya was making himself scarce. Probably working with the books. He had a habit of wasting a perfectly good Sunday, which should be spent in bed, to do the shop’s books.

Yohji took out his cigarettes and flipped the box open. “Damnit,” he hissed. Two left. Well, he now knew what he would be doing today. Buying cigarettes and finding a better place to hide them from Omi.

The blonde traveled back upstairs, enjoying one of his last cigarettes while there was no Omi or Aya to yell at him to put it away. He pushed open the partially open door of the bathroom and wandered over to the sink.

He was just finishing brushing his teeth when he glanced in the mirror and saw a pale figure in a bathtub filled with bubbles. Yohji rinsed his mouth and turned, studying the sleeping figure. Well, he found Aya.

The red head had managed to surprise him. Yohji never thought of the cold swordsman as a bubble bath kind of guy. He turned back to the counter and searched for his face wash and found another reason to curse Omi. Little brat must have put it away again.

Whenever Omi felt like being particularly house wife-ish, he put everything where he thought it should belong. Omi also ended up throwing a lot of things away. It usually ended up in a shouting match that Yohji soon found himself backing out of because of a certain red headed teammate that would tell him to shut up and just go out and buy replacements.

Jade optics shifted around the bathroom when they finally settled on the tiled shelf on the other side of the fairly large bathtub. He was not about to go out without washing his face. His ever-present vanity was defiantly kicking in. Nothing left to do but try to get to the bottle without waking Aya up. He moved to the edge of the bathtub and took a glance at the red head. Sleeping quietly.

Carefully, the lanky blonde leaned over the bathtub, bubbles and assassin, putting his hand on the wall next to the ledge. It was hard enough getting all his limbs to cooperate as he pushed shampoo and bubble bath out of the way to get to his wash.

“Kuso!” he yelled as he came tumbling into the sudsy water. Yohji barely managed to land entirely in the bathtub and not smack the red head on his way in. His jeans were now effectively soaked. Green eyes focused on the other figure in the water.

Aya was watching him with a pleased, almost smug, expression on his face. The red head gave a tug at the front of Yohji’s jeans, guiding the taller man closer to him.

“Sneaky bastard,” he mumbled at his lover as he scooted forward. He had been off balance and Aya knew a little tug would send him tumbling into the bathtub. Yohji stopped and mock glared at the red head. “I thought you were sleeping.”

The swordsman let himself slide down in the bathtub so he could wrap long legs around the blonde’s waist. “Mmm... Not observant enough,” Aya purred, looping his arms around Yohji’s neck. He let Yohji scoot forward more so that his back was propped back up against the slanted edge of the bathtub.

Yohji studied him for a moment before leaning down and assaulting the red head’s lips. He let Aya catch his lower lip between his teeth as he pulled away from the kiss. Green eyes closed as he leaned forward, pressing the length of his body against Aya’s. “Nah, I think you are just a sneaky bastard.” He smiled.

The hold on the blonde’s waist loosened and Aya put a hand beneath the water to the waistband of Yohji’s jeans. He undid the button and pushed the zipper down. “Pants. Off. Now.”

Capturing his lover’s hands, he slid Aya’s hands to his hips and let the red head help him out of the soaked garments. He stood, letting the jeans slide off at Aya’s guidance. He stepped out of them and heard them behind lifted out of the water then the slap as they hit the bathroom floor.

Aya had to admit the view was quite enjoyable. Yohji stood above him, completely bare, save the tattoo on his upper arm. He brushed his hands carefully over the blonde’s inner thighs. Making swirling motions with his light touch, he guided his hands upward over the damp skin. The red head sat up on his knees, the bubbles and bathwater sloshing to allow his body to break the surface of the water.

Yohji closed his eyes at Aya’s delicate touch. “Mmm... Aya...” Every single feather light touch the red head applied to him was sending waves of heat to the pit of his stomach. He felt himself hardening as those light caresses made their way higher.

A smirk played across usually stoic features as he leaned forward to guide a pink tongue low over Yohji’s stomach. His hands slid out to grasp the blonde’s hips. The red head blew slowly on the tip of the playboy’s erection. He glanced up to Yohji’s face before continuing his actions.

“Aya,” he hissed. Yohji gripped a bar that ran along the wall. His other hand slid into damp red locks. The pale hands on his hips prevented him from moving forward to seek out the red head.

Leaning forward, a pink tongue flashed out, licking over the tip of Yohji’s manhood, taking some to the glistening precum for a taste. He made a sound of appreciation before running his tongue over the head again.

“Ay-a.” Yohji was having trouble standing. Damn if Aya wasn’t good at teasing. The red head had learned from him but it was cruel when his own tricks were being used on him. “Please...”

He just smiled and promptly deep throated Yohji. He felt the hold on his hair tighten and heard the grateful moan Yohji produced. His tongue flicked along the underside of Yohji’s erection and the red head pulled back so that he was no longer taking all of the blonde’s length.

The playboy cried out when Aya took his cock fully back into his mouth. Then the red head began to suck and hum, alternately. It was driving him insane. He tightened his grip in Aya’s silky crimson hair. He gasped and his hold tightened as he found release.

Aya took as much as he could before he let Yohji’s limp flesh slid out of his mouth. He sat back and looked up at the blonde. An elegant finger brushed a drop of white away from the corner of his mouth. The digit was promptly slid into his mouth, once then back out before sliding back in again to clear the drop away.

Yohji watched Aya through dazed eyes. He lowered himself to he knees and claimed the red head’s lips again. He tasted of tea, Yohji, and that hint of sweetness that was purely Aya. His tongue delved deep into the swordman’s mouth, wanting more than just a taste of him. It was maddening, being able to touch and taste Aya but never getting enough of him. Yohji wouldn’t have it any other way.

A low moan escaped him and was lost in this kiss. He swirled his tongue around Yohji’s, rubbing his over the blonde’s. Aya loved kissing him. It felt right. For all of the wrong they had both done in their life, this felt right. Reluctantly, he pulled away. He panted for air, Yohji yet again taking his breath again.

“Want you, now,” Yohji whispered as he leaned over the red head. Lips brushed over a pale jaw then down a slender neck. He felt Aya moan as he nipped then attached his mouth to the red head’s sensitive neck. It was his lover’s weak point. He pulled back when there was a sufficient red mark there, marking Aya Fujimiya as Yohji Kudoh’s.

Pale hands slid up Yohji’s back, nails barely scraping the skin. He bent a knee so that Yohji was lying completely against him. Every move they made caused their erections to rub against each other, the friction causing warm waves to drift through their bodies. Aya gasped and arched into the blonde’s touch.

“I love it when your ice melts,” the blonde whispered against Aya’s neck. He licked over the mark he had placed on the red head’s neck only moments before. Lips trailed across the pale man’s collarbone, down over a damp chest, to reach a pale nipple. He flicked his tongue across the sensitive skin, earning a gasp for his troubles before fastening his mouth over the pink nub. His tongue moved over and around it as the red head twisted beneath him.

Aya closed his eyes and let his head fall back to the edge of the bathtub. The water lapped at their naked flesh as he twisted beneath the playboy’s touch.

One of his hands shifted out from beneath the water to roll and tweak the neglected nipple between his fingers. His other hand smoothed across the red head’s stomach, heading lower.

“Yohji!” he gasped as the sensations bombarding him grew worse when Yohji moved his hand between them to his arousal. The hand, calloused from years of wielding his weapon of choice, stroked the sensitive flesh once slowly then quickly. Aya moaned low in his throat, lifting his hips up into the embrace. “Please... Yohji...”

His mouth left the red head’s chest and moved to cover his lover’s mouth. He swallowed the few moans that escaped the swordsman. The hand that had been playing with one of Aya’s nipples raked slowly down the red head’s side and slid beneath the water. Most of the bubbles had dissipated, falling victim to the stirring water.

The red head shifted as he felt a hand slide over his ass and down the back of his thigh. One knee was above the surface of the water already. He lifted his other leg to loop around one of the blonde’s legs, spreading his thighs further apart. The hand slid to allow a finger to circle the ring of muscle. Aya arched as the hand on his erection quickened its pace. “Yohji, damnit. Just fuck me.” The foreplay was driving him crazy.

A finger slipped past the tight ring of muscle and into the red head. Yohji felt him stiffen slightly at the touch and pumped his erection. The action earned him a cry as the pale man thrust forward again. He leaned down and pressed his lips against his lover’s, sliding a tongue along Aya’s lower lip until the man opened to him.

As Yohji kissed him, his finger slid further into Aya’s entrance. The red head shifted uncomfortably and leaned up into the kiss. He knew it was a necessary distraction until Yohji hit his prostate. A second finger joined the first, stretching him so that he would be able to handle the blonde’s erection without injury.

The pain was part of it. The blonde continued the kiss as he prepared his lover. He knew Aya soon wouldn’t even feel it. There. The red head let out a short cry. He stroked his fingers over that place again.

Aya tried to shift down onto the fingers as they moved over his sweet spot. “Yohji!” It came out half growl, half cry. It wouldn’t take much more to send him over the edge. Violet eyes opened and shifted to the water as it began lapping closer to the rim of the bathtub. They would have a mess to clean up later if Yohji decided to fuck him as hard as he wanted it.

Yohji slipped a third finger into the red head, briefly. He wanted inside Aya, now. The blonde shifted a pale leg to his shoulder, spreading Aya out before him beneath the water. He carefully guided his erection to the red head’s tight entrance and began to slowly push himself into his lover. “Aya!”

Nails bit into the blonde’s sides as he tried to get Yohji enter him in one swift motion instead of this agonizingly slow movement. He shifted his legs to wrap around the playboy’s waist. A growl was issued at the blonde as he tried again, this time the blonde released his hips and let him take all of his length. Aya let out a low moan as he found himself filled by the blonde.

He held still, waiting for the red head to adjust. Soon, a growling red head urged him to move. Yohji started an agonizingly slow rhythm that Aya quickly rose to meet. The pace increased as the small sounds the red head was making urged him faster. The water lapped higher and higher as Yohji moved in and out of his lover.

Aya rose to meet each of Yohji’s thrusts, letting himself voice sounds of appreciation each time Yohji thrust into him. He gripped the blonde’s shoulders, letting his head fall back to the edge of the tub. The hands on hips kept him from making the rhythm faster.

Yohji shifted, moving so that he could hit the red head’s prostate with each thrust. Aya cried out and clung to his shoulder, the pale body arched and rigid beneath the blonde’s touch. Smiling, Yohji pressed his lips to Aya’s neck, nipping at the flesh as he repeatedly hit the red head’s soft spot.

He could feel a tight, warm feeling coiling in the pit of his stomach. “Yohji.. I’m.” He was cut short as the blonde sent sparks flying across behind his closed eyes again. His hands slid down Yohji’s back and settled over the blonde’s ass beneath the water. Aya urged him faster, deeper, his words not making sense as the blonde wrung cries of ecstasy from him.

The water lapped dangerously close to the rim of the bathtub and over. Yohji didn’t care nor did he notice. He kissed Aya once more, removing a hand from the red head’s hips to slide between them and grip his neglected shaft. He stroked his lover in time with his harsh thrusts. The only sounds he heard were their mutual cries and the sound of the water splashing out of the bathtub.

Aya arched as his body tightened. His seed spilled out of him and over Yohji’s hand and into the bathwater. “Yohji!” came his breathless shout as the blonde continued to move inside and around him as he came. Violet eyes were partially open, watching emeralds as the blonde gave his final frantic and harsh thrusts.

Yohji came with his lover’s name on his lips. He buried himself deep within the red head, clinging to the pale man as his release came within him. The blonde remained half crouched, half collapsed over Aya as they panted, trying to catch their breath. He kissed his way across the red head’s chin and pressed his lips briefly against the other man’s, still breathing heavily.

“You should stop smoking,” Aya spoke, breathing more or less normally. He combed his fingers through honey colored locks, lips almost curved into a smile.

“Next thing you’ll be telling me is that I should give up sex.” When the red head appeared to be thinking about it, he growled. “Very funny.”

“I could walk easier some weekends if you did.”

“I think I like it better when you can’t get out of bed. You can’t sneak out on me like you did this morning.” He pressed his lips to Aya’s cheek and sat back, carefully pulling out of his lover. He grinned when he heard the red head try to stifle a groan. “Already ready for a second round, love?” Yohji laughed at the face Ran made.

Violet eyes shifted away from the blonde’s laughing face when he saw something yellow out of the corner of his eye. The water level in the bathtub was much lower than what he had it earlier. He pushed himself up and watched a little yellow duck float in the water between them.

“What the hell?” Yohji mumbled, staring at the little rubber duck. It was one of those things that you found in houses that had children. Not in a house full of grown assassins that were more or less same-sex oriented. “Where in the hell did that come from?”

Aya stared at the duck like it was some kind of monster. “It must have fell into the bathtub when you had the water splashing over the rim.”

A dirty look was issued to the red head. “I wasn’t the only one getting the floor wet.”

The swordsman pretty much ignored him as he reached a hand out to carefully pick up the duck. He held it like it might explode any second. “Omi?”

Yohji laughed at the comment. “More like Aya-chan.” He immediately quieted when Aya glared at him over the yellow duck. “Whoever it belongs to, I say we ignore it, go find a nice comfy bed and go back to sleep for several more hours.” All thoughts of getting more cigarettes were forgotten.

He glanced to his lover and then back to the rubber ducky. He sat up a bit straighter and leaned forward, into Yohji, and reached past him to place the toy on the shelf Yohji had been trying to reach before Aya had pulled him into the bathtub for a little fun. The red head sat back and brushed his lips across Yohji’s before standing. He surveyed the mess they had made on the floor then carefully stepped out.

The blonde mumbled something about falling on his ass as he did the same, following the red head. Well, the floor wasn’t that bad. Aya threw down a few towels to soak up the worst of it.

He took the last clean, dry towel and wrapped it around his waist and left to head for their bedroom.

“Aya!” Yohji came chasing after the red head, still damp as he pounced Aya onto the bed. He pinned him with both of the pale man’s wrists captured in one hand. His other hand stole the towel from around his waist.

The red head gave a small smile at his lover as the older man growled and kissed him fiercely. Aya wrapped his legs around the blonde’s waist again and tilted his head back to allow Yohji access to his neck.

Aya wasn’t going to get the peace he had wanted to read. Yohji wasn’t going to get to go out and replenish his cigarette stash. At least, he was getting to spend the rest of the day in bed with his lover, free of any distractions.


It’s done! Woo! This took getting the story on my laptop for me to finish it. I find I work on thinks more if I have them easy to access. My notebook hurts my hands after a long day of school sometimes so it is a pain to write in there sometimes. I love to type though. One handed. Two handed. Either way. Now... about this fic.

This fic was the winnings in a bet. My friend and I bet fics, not money. Makes things easier. Obviously, I lost so I got to write a fic of her choice (Chars, setting... etc). My luck, she chose Yohji and Aya.. then the curve ball.. a bathtub. So, for you Ka-chan.

I hope you enjoyed this fic. Feel free to leave the Trin a flame or a review. Farfie loves flames, only time he is let out of his straight jacket.

~Trinity ‘Gene-san!!!! Space cherry... *snickers*’ Bennett
*Finished on April 15, 2003*
*Music: Gackt – U+K & Miserable*
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