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More fanfiction from the Panda.

Kihana (Computer of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM) has been a good girl lately, and stayed in non-reset mode long enough for me to finish/start fics. That, and Yamamoutou-sensei (Muse of Fluff 'n' Angst) has, it seems, awoken from her slumber. So, as a stark contrast to Of Sakura Petals and Forgotten Memories, I present to thee....


Author: Micchi/Diamond/Amber Dawn
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Pairing: Haruka/Michiru
Warnings: Songfic, shoujo-ai, fluff.
Summary: If you had to choose between your love and the thing that meant the most to you...would you find them the same?
Spoilers: *shrug* Watch the series first.
Soundtrack: Crystal, Stevie Nicks
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
Archiving: Free Your Soul, Priest of Nothing, Fanfiction.net, SoupFiction.net
Notes: Rated PG, just for a few adult-y themes. Y'know, lesbians and all that. Um...I might expand on this...it's got a few interesting plot elements. But that might end up something like turning a good movie into a crap-fest of a series...We'll see.
Translation Notes: Hai - Yes; Yohuke desu - It's late; Nedoko tachiitamasu - Come to bed; Mamonaku - soon.

Do you always trust
Your first initial feeling?

The waves crashed against the shimmering sand softly, washing away the footprints that had been embedded in the moist, mud-like substance closest to the vast span of water. A woman stood at the edge of the sea, proud, her aquamarine hair flowing about her in graceful waves, tinted an almost golden hue by the last rays of a slowly setting sun. The water splashed against her bare ankles, throwing a soft spray upwards to her knees. She wore a simple sundress that day, as blue as an ocean reflecting the cornflower sky.

She watched the waves roll about, far away, a look of longing in the sea-green orbs. A tiny smile tugged the corners of her lips, and, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a dark shadow over the abandoned beach, she turned, running up the sand, leaving wet footprints in her wake.

Special knowledge holds true
Bears believing

The bedroom was dark, with only the light of a waning crescent moon to illuminate the single bed, throwing haphazard shadows over its occupants.

The woman, with her free-flowing blue-green tresses, lay curled up to her lover, her fingers trailing over a smooth, toned abdomen, her head resting lightly on the soft chest. The other lay quiet, sleeping, short sandy locks never in disarray.

They were covered with no more than a sheet, for the sultry summer heat shifting the thin curtains warmed them, and the sheet was only for decency's sake...The child in the next room would have enough questions, should she walk in on the pair.

She stood slowly, and, letting the sheet fall back to the bed, she put on a thin green robe, the silver intials, "KM", glittering in the waning moonlight.

Salty sea air drifted on the breeze, and she stood at the window, arms wrapped about herself. She stood that way for what seemed forever, but truly was only an instant.

"Michiru...Yohuke desu."

Her lover had stirred, and sleepy eyes watched the woman, inquisitive.

"Hai," she said softly, her eyes unmoving. The other sighed softly, running a hand through the short hair.

"Nedoko tachiitamasu," came the reply, a soft-spoken request; her lover was never demanding, and it was what attracted the woman to her.


I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love that had finally, finally found me...

Her fingers, lily-white, soft enough to make the petals of a rose feel as hardened as the thorns of its stem, wound around the tiny shell. It was a beautiful pink, paler than the gorgeous sakura blooms that appeared in the spring.

Her eyes looked off, over the sea, from her viewpoint on the cliff. She smiled softly, wistfully, and the breeze blew her long skirts about her frame gently.

Strong arms wrapped about her from behind, and she was pulled against the slightly masculine form of her lover, who pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.

"Suki da," the other whispered, and the woman dropped the shell, closing her hands over those of her lover.


And I knew
In the crystaline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountain
Through the crystal like a clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet
To the sea...
To the sea...
To the sea...

"No matter how I try to escape it, I always return to the sea..."

Her aqua eyes were saddened, staring deeply into the black coffee before her. The cafe was all but deserted; only the two women in the booth and a waitress cleaning the foam machine dared to be up that early.

"But you still love her."

The words were not an inquiry...they were a statement, and earned but a nod from the aquamarine beauty. With a sigh, the Keeper of Time reached across the table, cupping the other's hands tenderly.

"You know that, should you choose her, you must give up the sea...and everything you've fought for."

Dark eyes softened a moment, one of the few moments the macabre woman showed much emotion at all. And then she was gone, a few yen left beside her teacup.

How the faces of love change
Turning the pages

She sat upon the bed, legs crossed underneath her. The sandy locks fell foward, and, had they been a millimetre longer, would have blocked her vision. Intent blue eyes were fixed on the worn book before her, a ledger, a journal. Her pen moved swiftly over the pages, and the aqua-haired woman stood quietly in the doorway, observing.

Rarely was she the observer...she was more carefree than her two companions. One was morbidly quiet, having seen things that no one person should ever have to know...the other's quiet was more thoughtful, perhaps a bit elite.

But she was a free soul, always with a hint of smile upon her lips, her eyes betraying her every emotion.

And her lover knew this, looking up from the book. Worry flickered in the midnight orbs a moment, before fading behind the mask of indifference once more.

"Daijoubu desuka?" she asked softly, and the book dissapeared...perhaps under a pillow, perhaps the side table.

"Hai. Daijoubu," the woman replied, settling herself in an armchair, in the corner of the room.

"You never were a good liar, Michiru," the masculine one said softly, propping her chin in her hands.

"Perhaps not," was her reply, spoken softly, almost uncertainly.

Kaioh Michiru, for all her child-like qualities, was never uncertain.

And I have changed, oh, but you
You remain ageless

She stood upon the shoreline again, years later. The smile was not upon her lips, the childlike innocence gone from the seafoam eyes. In her hands, she held a small wand, twirling it over and over between her fingers. She studied its colours, the way the small planet, the miniature model of Neptune, planet of her destiny, reflected the sandy colour of the perfect sunset.

"Months ago, I would have cried for you..." she whispered tenderly, and she gently stroked the wand. Her head lifted, and indeed, the tears shimmered in the soft orbs. "But I have no tears left. Suki da..."

And beside her stood the Keeper of Time herself, dressed in her formal Senshi suit, perfect fingers clutched around her staff, looking without emotion at the horizon.

I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love that had finally, finally found me...

"Have you made your decision, Neptune-san?"

The question startled the woman from her reverie. She looked down at the wand in her hand, even as the other crept about her neck.

On a simple golden chain, there hung a star, a locket. She tugged on it gently, and the chain snapped, pooling in her palm. A tear splashed onto the locket, and though she knew it was but a picture of the woman she loved, she could not bring herself to open it.


The Senshi turned on her heel, now facing her companion. She spoke softly, almost soothingly, but with an edge of ice in her voice.

"As the sea gives life, so it will take life away. You hold two memories, two lives in your hand; and you know you may only take one of them from this place. The other, you must fling into the sea you love so dear."

And I knew
In the crystaline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountain
Through the crystal like a clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet
To the sea...
To the sea...
To the sea, yeah...
To the sea...yeah

"Do you ever regret your decision, Michiru-san?"

The girl was innocent, as was her question, and sparkling blue eyes were alight as the woman retold her tale. The odongo on her head seemed to shimmer slightly; the child knew what it was to love, no matter how much of a klutz she seemed to be.

"Iie. Not for a moment," she replied, and slipped her arms through the coat-holes that seemed to be waiting for her to do just that.

"To choose between true love, and love that has existed since the beginning of time...I couldn't do it," the child said, softly, almost wistfully. Beside her, a raven-haired companion looked slightly pouty, and a drop of sweat rolled slowly down her cheek.

"Usagi-chan. You almost sound poetic," she said, cynically. The woman smiled gently.

"No matter what you feel now, the thing you love and that which means the most to you will always turn out to be the same," she said softly. "Ready to go, Haruko?"

The sandy-blonde smiled down at her, one arm about the woman's shoulders.

The star-shaped necklace glittered as they turned, each wearing one identical to the other about their neck.

And on a shore, somewhere, the waves washed over an abandoned wand, with its likeness of water-dominated Neptune atop it.


And thus, my contribution to Sailormoon. *hops off to post it on ff.net*

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